I woke up with a sinus headache

P1000016True. I usually have problems with allergies at this time of season. The allergies make it hard for me to concentrate. So I was wondering what would be interesting for today.

Well, Larry Correia, writer of Monster Hunter International and Grimnoir Chronicles is one of the nominees for Hugo’s best novel. Congratulations Larry. I had heard about Larry’s writings from some friends so I read some of his books. I have not gotten into the Grimnoir (more steampunk), but I really liked his Monster Hunter novels. His MHI has a character who is really good with fighting and guns. It reminded me of the men and boys in my hometown who were cowboys. I mean real men who worked with real cattle and who rode horses to herd real cattle.

It seems there are folks out there who are being losers by accusing Larry of stuffing the ballot box. Since it has been my experience that people who accuse others of crimes– usually means they either thought of doing it or were in the process of doing it and lost. I guess there is a guy who was counting the votes– oh, ballot stuffing is a well-known phenomenon and it wasn’t Larry doing the stuffing.

So good luck Larry, I hope you win. I did notice that indie-published writers haven’t made the list again. Human wave. Hope the good stories win this year.

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