Laundry is piling up

So the last couple of days, I am getting the laundry done. When I write, I lose track of everything except essentials like taking my pills or eating. I know to knock off at four p.m. so I can make dinner.

I was looking around yesterday and realized that even though I was washing some clothes and keeping the hubby’s work clothes up, I had loads of clothes that needed to get done. The problem is I have to go to a Laundromat to get clothes washed. I sure wish the apartment complex allowed machines in the apartment.

I will be spending my prime writing time, getting some batches of clothes washed. Then, I will be tired so I will not be a good writing day today.

I have started a Cozy Mystery– real estate agent and the Bliss Mansion in Carson City, Nevada. I am editing my Hilda’s Inn– I quit writing at an awkward place. I will have to make a good ending so I can get to writing the second installment called the Dragon Boy or some such.

Then I am thinking about Into the Mists of Time (thanks William). It needs some ideas and work.

On the publishing front, I have been putting things up (Perchance to Dream, The Green Knight Terraforming Company, and Land of Gehenna) on and Smashwords. I am now looking into another indie publishing site called Draft2Digital. It looks pretty similar to the other two sites except they have a better “meatgrinder.”

So thanks for reading– I will be back.

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