If you should choose this mission IV – Friday excerpt

Last week’s excerpt.

“Well,” it said impatiently “Are you coming inside? Or are you planning to have heat stroke.”

I won’t mention crawling on my hands and knees or even how I kept bumping my forehead into the top of the tunnel. I bet that rabbit tech was snickering when I finally reached the main room and was able to stand on two legs instead of crawling.

I had bits of rock in my hands, and indentations in my knees. There was a small scratch on my forehead where I kept banging my head. Donald looked calm as a cucumber. Not a speck of dirt on him. I was covered in the stuff.

“Force field,” he said deadpan. I must have looked exasperated because there was a twinkle in his eye, but not a twitch of the lip.

The rabbits had to have been here for ages, I mean since the Mesozoic Era, because it was a lab module from a space ship, dug deep into the earth. With the new technology, the humans should have been able to find the ship. Look now I am calling them humans, and I am one– I sighed. My people should have found this big of a metal object so close to Area 51. I recognized a lab when I saw it.

The tables, the microscopes, the holograms, the computers. Any scientist would be comfortable in this lab. Of course there were subatomic microscopes. I do remember how I felt the first time some particle of dirt gave me the finger. Wow didn’t cover it.

The lab tech who let us into the tunnel had already set up the images of the roaches. I could feel fresh air circulating around the room and the slight hiss of air being scrubbed. I guess the lab tech, with quivering rabbit ears, considered himself a professor because he was pointing things out on the roach with a long stick that reminded me of school teachers and others of that profession.

Donald bumped me. He knew when my mind was wandering. Of course I bit my tongue and the metallic taste spread through my mouth. Donald bumped me again.

“What,” I said and glare at him.

“The lab rat is telling us the chinks in the roaches armor.”

“Where are the roaches? And why are you outside a human government secret facility?”

Donald gave me a disappointed look. Maybe I should have already known. Maybe I hadn’t read the briefing material? Maybe I wasn’t listening?

They waited for me to figure out why I was being stupid. “Oh,” I could feel a flash go off in my head. “They are in Area 51.”

continued next Friday

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    • Thank you– 😉 lol Once this one is finished (probably a short story) I’ll put it aside … do another… and maybe have three or four shorts for a collection.

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