We are getting sun today

Today’s weather report is sunny with temperatures going up to 70 degrees. It means that I can get a little sun-soaking in so that I can get those winter/spring/rain/snow blues out of the way. Although I should keep in mind that we can get snow as late as July if the weather patterns are still askew. (My sympathies going out to the South and Ohio Valley for the constant storms and tornadoes.)

In our apartment complex the landlady’s chihuahua, Gordita, likes to sit on the small bridge in her small yard and sun herself. She is pretty round and big for chihuahua. But her smile is a thing of wonder.

A warning. She is very territorial so don’t go into her porch or yard. She has taken small bites out of people who ignored the signs. Seriously I think she is smarter than some of the people living in the complex. Anyway, I have known Gordita since the landlady (actually manager) brought her home as a tiny pup. I am in the group of people she likes.

I enjoy watching the dogs here. They say a lot about their owners. There is one owner here who is off his rocker. The poor dog is so confused by his master, that he is now off his rocker too. Two other dogs live in a second floor small apartment. They sit on the balcony and bark at the children going to school. The balcony faces another building, so the dogs can get a good booming bark, which upsets the neighbors. I find it amusing because the owner is another barker that has a booming voice and doesn’t quit talking.

The new dog park has become quite a success. It has singlehandedly socialized the entire dog community. The dogs are so happy about going to a place where they can be off-leash and run that they drag their owners to the dog park. I even heard someone complain about how they are not getting time to walk because the dog didn’t want to walk around the complex. It wanted to run in the dog park.

I would call that a success.

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