Blast from the Past 4/14/2008: Myths in Writings

On Friday, Lynn at Romancing Paradise, wrote the following about myth in fiction writing:

The lovely Jane Porter once gave a workshop where she talked about how we write to a myth, perhaps something that resonated with us as children. It could be Cinderella (ragamuffin woman becomes gorgeous woman who meets prince, leaves him, and he tears up the kingdom to find her again), or Snow White (virginal heroine, evil stepmother), etc. My myth is Beauty and the Beast.

Lynn continued to say that her myth “Beauty and the Beast” was extremely suited to writing about military commandos or international tycoons tamed by love.

Reading this post, it occurred to me that I also write to a myth: Hansel and Gretel (lost children or adults in bad situations, who not only help themselves but save others), which is suited to horror or paranormal dark fantasy.

Just the other day I complained to my husband that I would really like to write humor, but whenever I develop a story there can be humor elements, but it always turns into some type of scary situation usually with avenging ghosts or demons.

My husband was calm in his reply: “You write what you write.”

UPDATE: 15 April 2008: Lynn suggested that my myth was Little Red Riding Hood. Oh gosh, what a big bad wolf you are… 😉

Anyway, I write about female characters who survive against great odds.

What is your theme or myth? When you try to write against your theme, how do you do? Do you have more than one myth? Are there other elements to your core theme?

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