I gotta wear shades

DSC00462The picture is a sun dog that my husband took in 2011. Some info from Wikipedia about the phenomenon.

Another phenomenon we have around here is Lenticular clouds.  We get this phenom when there are high winds blowing through Washoe valley. We live in a valley with mountains on all sides so we get to see some beautiful cloud formations.

Since I have pale sky blue eyes, I wear dark sunglasses to keep my eyes from getting too much radiation. Apparently, blue-eyed people have more problems with cataracts than than other colors. When I want to see color, I do the quick sunglass-lift. I have it down to an art.

In the 1995 I had laser surgery on my eyes. By the time I was eight, I had to wear glasses. I have a second cousin who is legally blind. She was barely able to see shapes with her glasses and the glasses were extremely thick. Plus she was afraid of breaking them.

I can understand because I broke no less than three pairs of glasses as a young girl. One time I was standing on the curb waiting for the school bus when a football (American football) hit me in the nose, breaking the bridge of my glasses. I still don’t know how I got hit in the face since my back was to the boys who were throwing the ball. I have been hit by a football, a hardball, a softball, and a volleyball. Consequently, I dislike team sports.

I was near-sighted and had astigmatism. The laser surgery took care of the near-sightedness. My eyes were almost as bad as my cousin’s. It wasn’t until last year that I went to the doctor and had my astigmatism corrected. So again, I get to wear prescription glasses. I use prescription sunglasses for driving and have another pair of glasses for reading and cross-stitching. I now know why it was hard for me to put the needle into the holes. Still I have enjoyed being glass-free.

I did try contacts. I have this problem– or several problems. 1- The cleaning solution hurts my eyes. 2- The contacts cut my eyes 3-I kept losing the contacts. I tried wearing contacts for a year.

I bet you wonder where I am leading with all of these glass stories. Glasses for a long time were an important part of my life. My eyes were examined yearly.

After I had my laser surgery, I thought that all my problems with balance and falling would magically disappear. Not so. It took a long time for the muscles in my eyes to become strong enough to focus. The first few days with my magic eyes, I would get extremely tired and have to hide in the closet so that my eyes could rest in complete darkness.  Plus I saw shapes and colors I had never seen before. My husband started calling me his seeing eye blonde.

Recently I learned another reason for my balance and dropping problems. I have dropped a numerous amount of cups and plates. I set them down on what I think is a stable surface and the plates fall.

So this other problem has made it hard to be normal. I am right hand dominant and left eye dominant. I found this out when I was learning to shoot. I shoot better when I can look at the sights with my left eye. Since I hold the rifle on my right side, it looks like I am twisted a little. But, as soon as I learned that I had these small handicaps (there is a small area that is out of my sight picture), I learned a few tricks. I shoot an inch to the left if I am using my right eye. I make sure I am looking straight onto the table before putting a dish down.

Still I would have laser-surgery again. I don’t regret it one bit. I am freed from glasses and I only have to wear them when I want to wear them. I don’t tap the table looking for my glasses when I wake up. I can see. And when I want to, I can wear cool sunglasses. 😎

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