My brain is sharp… as a whip?

I found a brain training program online that is like Lumosity called Brain HQ. I quit doing Lumosity because it was taking too much of my writing time. Okay, I have about two to three good hours of writing a day, which includes the blog. So my brain is the sharpest between the first cup of coffee until I get tired about 10:30 a.m. Then I do a little cross-stitch while watching Netflix.

I have a lot going against me– chemo, menopause, and aging. So when I was playing the free games on Brain HQ, I found that my baseline was 94-95 percent on attention and brain power. So if I have such good results, why do I need to play these games?

I think that writing is keeping the brain supple and flexible. Now if I could only find a magic pill that would keep up my strength.

Brain HQ would be a good idea except after the four free games, you have to “subscribe” to get a chance at the fun games “Card Sharp” in the Memory section. I think I will prove my “brain power” and not subscribe. I am not saying that these types of games are scams. Au contraire. When I was having problems with my mind and memory, I had a subscription with Lumosity. It helped me over the brain loss from taking cytoxan and other types of chemotherapy.

What chemo does to the brain is that it loosens connections. When I was in the middle of my treatment, I went through a dementia phase, where I couldn’t remember anything. Prednisone also helped with this phase. The nurses call these things “chemo-head” and “pred-head.” The brain goes fuzzy and the only function the brain seems to be able to do is to keep your autonomous functions going.

When I was trying to come out of this state, I would make strange connections like that car is following us. It would turn into a paranoid episode. Of course the car was following us because we were going the same way. But they weren’t “following” us for nefarious purposes. Everything was nefarious as my brain began to work.

My husband thought it was because my brain was trying to make connections that were so easy for it before my disease. Plus I hadn’t grieved for the loss. I went through the stages of grief as I was weaned from the prednisone and my chemo was changed to chemo with less side-effects. Still when I used Lumosity I still wasn’t thinking except in story. The games helped a lot.

So no, I won’t subscribe to this program. But, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation to mine, try out these games. They will help you come back through the labyrinth of your mind.

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