Death panels, VA hospital, What next?

There are a few things that can rile me up faster than hitting a wasps’ nest with a stick. One of these things in the care and treatment of veterans. These deaths in Albuquerque and Charleston seem to be the tip of the iceberg. What makes me madder than a wet hen is that the main information on death tolls is coming from the alternative presses on the internet.

The Patriot Post headline is VA Delays Are an ObamaCare Death Panel Preview and WND headline is Rush Limbaugh: Death Panel at Work in VA. Even CBS is in the act with What did Obama know about the VA hospital scandal and when? Unfortunately while the entire US has been waiting for ObamaCare, (Affordable Care Act), the military has been suffering under its effects for much longer.

Since I am married to a retired Veteran and a Veteran as well, I have some personal experiences with Tricare. When we moved to this area, I was required to go on Tricare Prime so that my disease could be treated. After several years of my rhuematologist getting referrals so I could see him two to three times a year, suddenly we were on ACA rules. My primary care doctor had to see me so that I could see my rhuematologist (I think it was around 2011…). This also meant that instead of getting my labs done every three months, it had to be done exactly after the 90 day period. I walked into a testing facility two days early and they wouldn’t let me have the labs done. I had to come back two days later. These new rules doubled my expenses for healthcare.

In 2012 I received a notice reported by The Military Wallet. I was one of the people who lost TriCare Prime. My insurance without my agreement or participation was reduced to the Standard version for meds and doctors. This doubled my now doubled expenses.

Do you see where this is going?

What really upset me during this kerfuffle is that when I would point this out to a few people with my disease they either thought I was a whiner or thought I was a liar. Honestly, I quit trying after awhile because I knew that the veterans were just two to four years ahead of the ACA implementation. These people would experience it soon.

Yes, I also wrote to my representatives. It wasn’t worth the pixels because I was told that I was too late to complain. It had been implemented and slipped under the radar of anyone who could have stopped it in time.

So this is the warning call. The veterans are the canaries in the mines and are dying around you. Are you going to get out of the mine?

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    • We had problems before but they were easier to solve– a phone call to a supervisor usually. Now there is no recourse. I find it scary and disturbing.

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