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This is a repeated promotion post for Erika T. Red from March 13, 2014. I am adding an excerpt from the book this time.

I decided to promote one of my older ebooks today. This one came to me when I was in the middle of chemo and high prednisone. What sparked this story is when my hubby and I where driving home from breakfast and saw a big dog in the middle of the road.

We stopped and talked to the dog for a while, until it trotted off down the road to go home. The dog had seem scared at first. I am a little fey (knobbed in the head) when I am on prednisone so from that encounter and then watching a strawberry blonde in a bookstore with her friends: young and feckless, I had the first elements of the story.

One of the stories in our family is that my mother’s side of the family is a branch off of Eric the Red. Since at least one of my brothers has red hair when he tries to grow a scraggly beard and he’s a blonde, I do believe that story. Plus the famous temper from that line (Eric left because he killed someone in a rage) runs through my line although I hope that I and others in the family who have the berserker line have better control of the temper.

The other element to this story is Odin and Loki or the supernatural side. I have always been fascinated with the occult and fate. I fight to have freedom and independence of movement and thought, but fate hits me every few years. In Erika T Red, Odin has a fate and he is trying to stop his fate by using a descendent so he can stay physical in the world.

I don’t know how well I pulled off the story. I was slightly off my head from chemo and story at the time.

So here is where you can find Erika T. Red– contemporary fantasy and new adult novel:

Erikatredebook smashwords  Erika T. Red: Erika is a normal girl, trying to save money for college when she walks into her destiny in the form of a wolf, raven, and a dying god. She learns life is not fair, but it can have some benefits along the way.


Chapter 1

The wind blew the cottonwood’s yellow-orange leaves down the driveway. Sometimes the wind would whirl the leaves up into the air and chase the leaves to the brown lawn. It whirled away to play with other leaves.

Erika T. Red stuck her head out the window to see if she needed a coat this fine Indian summer morning. The temperature was just above 40 degrees. She left the window open as she dried her hair with a blow dryer. Erika’s soft hair turned from brown to a strawberry blonde as the water dried from her hair. She gave her hair a swish. She pulled out her eye-liner and began lining her eyes.

“Ark! Ark!”

Erika turned toward the window fast. “Ouch” she stuck the eyeliner in her eye. Black smeared across her face.

“Ark!” It was a very large, very black bird. A raven to be exact. “Ark!”

The raven flew into the window and landed on the desk near her bed where Erika kept her bling. He grabbed a shiny bracelet and awked with approval.

She dropped her eyeliner and ran to the bird. “That’s my favorite piece of jewelry,” she yelled at the bird. She tried to grab the bracelet, but with one flap the bird was above her head. Erika tried to climb her bookshelves, but she couldn’t get a grip.

Then she fell on the floor, the books fell on top of her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“What’s happened,” yelled her mother from the bottom of the stairs. She wasn’t really interested in Erika’s troubles. It usually involved washing something or repairing something. “You need to get ready or you’ll have to find your own way to work.”

When Erika turned back to the raven, it flew out the window with the bracelet.

“Ark!” it seemed to be laughing. She jumped, and reached, and missed. A black feather drifted down to her head.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” she yelled back to her mother. “A minute.”

Erika knew that her mother would be grumbling as she walked to the kitchen. One of the things she would be saying was “that girl.” It was always the same just a new day.

Now you might ask why a smart adult girl like Erika was still living at home. You might ask why she put up with being treated like a teenager. Well, you might remember that we live in a really really hard economic modern life where it is easier and less expensive to pay rent to the parents. Plus you might remember that at 100 dollars a barrel that gas is becoming so expensive that it is better to have a bike than a car.

Erika was a smart girl and she had added up the math. And Erika was not going to live here much longer. She was working on a small nest egg so that in a few months she could have her own apartment where she could have visitors like her new boyfriend. Yea, baby.

But, at the moment Erika had her head out the window trying to reach for that bracelet. The raven was sitting on a tree-limb of a fir, happily arking at her.

She might have stayed that way, if she hadn’t seen her mother get into her car.

“Wait, wait,” she yelled. Her mother waved and then drove away.

Erika pulled herself back through the window. She closed the window. She sighed. At least the raven hadn’t grabbed her cell.

She flipped it open, “Bessie? Bessie? Can you pick me up? What?” Erika tapped her finger on the desk. She tapped again. “OK.”

Well that was it. She would have to take the bike. She finished up her make-up, put her things into a small purse and ran down the stairs.

Her father was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. It was useless to ask him for a ride. He was on his vacation and had told the whole family that part of his vacation was that he would only go where he wanted, when he wanted. She could respect that attitude.

“I thought you were gone,” he said.

“Dad I gotta go or I’ll be late.”

He went back to reading his newspaper. Erika did love her father, but he was so old-fashioned. For instance, why did he read a newspaper when he could get his news (fast and expressed) on the internet. They had all his favorite news outlets. But, he insisted on reading paper. She shook her head.

Yes, there was the bike where she left it from the last use. Not in very good shape either. It had at least one flat tire. Arg! That was the final straw. Should she go back to Dad or should she start walking?

The universe seemed to be against her today. She opened the garage door and walked out. It was a beautiful day and not too cold. Her dad would close the door.

She needed to get to work.

Erika worked at the “old folk’s home.” Well, they had a prettier name for it like senior community center. But, it was full of older folks in various stages of disrepair. She would shudder if she really believed that she would look like them when she hit her 60s and 70s. But, she knew deep in her heart that by the time she reached that age they would have a young pill or surgery… anyway something that would let her keep her youthful looks.

Even though she had freckles over her nose and arms, she took care that she didn’t sun too much. You know how hard it is to deal with white skin and sun? Ever been burned so badly that it hurt for days? Well, after that first time, she was very very careful.

Erika trotted down the street. She would be late. It was foregone. It would be at least a 30 minute walk and she needed to be there in fifteen. Well, get walking.
She tried to ignore the raven. It flew from tree to tree and every once in awhile it would ark. It had finally put the bracelet over its head and around its neck like a necklace. It would preen. A gleam in its eye. Erika tried to ignore it.
Erika bounced down the sidewalk.

The raven spread its wings and leaped. It floated down until it landed on Erika’s shoulder. She could feel its sharp claws dig into her. “Ouch.”

It nuzzled her throat with its large beak. One eye looked into hers. My name is

Hark, she heard in her head.

She jumped. The raven leaped from her. Erika knew that she had a little spots of blood on her shirt where the ravens claws and broken her skin. She looked. Nope no blood.

The raven floated back down and landed on her shoulder again. Why did you do that?

“You talk?” she said aloud. Erika hoped that no one was watching her. It was crazy enough that she was walking down the street with a raven on her shoulder. She would look even worse talking to herself. It was going to be one of those days.

Of course, I don’t talk. I don’t need to. If a raven could look smug, this one did.

“So what do you want?” Erika was beginning to feel churlish. This raven, this it, had stolen her bracelet. And her bracelet was still on his neck. She wondered what the raven would do if she tried to take it back. No better not. The raven’s beak looked a little too big and sharp.

Now this raven, wanted to talk to her. It was enough.

The raven squawked. Probably laughing at her.

I’m here to help you. She could hear him giggling through the words. She quit talking and marched down the street. She didn’t need this crap. Unfortunately she could hear the raven laughing even more. Hopefully the dang beast (aren’t ravens supposed to be tortured souls?) would be gone before she walked into work. They didn’t let animals into the kitchen.

She could only hope.

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