Birds fly, humans walk

One of my New Years resolution was to exercise six days a week, which is an ambitious goal. Of course, I broke it within three weeks. First I had the virus from death (three weeks lying on my back), and then gout. Or as my doctor puts it, suspected gout because it wasn’t diagnosed by a doctor.

If you have ever felt like knives were stabbing the big joint of your toe, and the joint is hot, and the foot is swelling, well, then it is probably gout. It was the most painful thing barring my hospital visit when I was first diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, and when I had shingles on the sciatic nerve from my hip down to my knee. On a scale of one to ten, all three of these experiences where in the 100 range.

So when I saw the doctor this week, he asked me if I was exercising. I wasn’t. I was walking to and from the post box, which is like a half mile a day more or probably very less. He encouraged me to walk around the apartment complex (a distance) maybe 3-5 times, three times a week. Well I settled on three times.

Can you see where this is going? I picked Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday as my walking days. This morning I went around the apartment complex twice. Yep, it was as far as I could go. My muscles were twitching and my right hip was weak. I was breathing a little heavy and I started sneezing. The pollen count has been really high the last month. Plus we are so dry here that we are having restrictions on activities that would cause fires.

It’s at this moment when I want a coffee and a chair more than I want to talk to my hubby, that I saw the hawk. It flew from the tree to the roof to the streetlight as quickly as I am telling it. It wasn’t very big for a red-tailed hawk and it seemed curious. For one moment, I was so interested in its markings that I forgot about the how tired I felt.

Yes, I need to walk more. I need to walk more because I need to be closer to nature.

And see the birds.

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