Hair bands and sleepy eyes

I have been letting my hair grow. When I was young and a golden blonde I would wear my hair almost to my waist. I like having hair. It makes me feel– female. When I was losing my hair in handfuls, I finally gave in and cut it off. I wore my hair in a bob for a long time. It wasn’t the most flattering look with my prednisone chipmunk cheeks, and rounded face, but it was better than the thinned hair.

Now since I have been changed to a lighter chemo and am finally off the prednisone, Some of the color and thickness has come back. Now I am realizing why I used to wear my hair up in the summer. That amount of hair can get hot even when the temps are in the early 80s. Hence hair bands.

Oh, I’m not talking about hair bands of the 80s. I still have found memories of those. No, I am talking about those apparently innocuous elastic bands that are supposed to hold your hair without cutting the hair. When I was young, my mother would use elastic bands. She would put our hair above our ears and the hair would pull in the back and around the ears. Exquisite pain. When we took the elastic out, it would cut strands of hair. So I don’t use those anymore. They are too much for the brittle hair I sport now.

But lately, I have had to wrestle my hair into compliance. When I let it go free, I get snags as big as my hand (my hands are big) in the back under my hair. I usually braid the hair before going to bed.

I forgot last night. So I am blinking my eyes– yep this morning will be an eye-jerking morning of getting the hair into compliance. Thank goodness for hair bands.

3 thoughts on “Hair bands and sleepy eyes

  1. In my late teens for awhile I grew my hair shoulder length, and kept it in a ponytail.

    Some years back I had it all shaved off for a cancer benefit, and found I liked it this way. I’d have ended up losing it sooner or later, so getting rid of it felt liberating.

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