Hectic, crazy, and why I am not writing

So more excuses– since I dealt with a some scareware a few months ago I am nervous about my computer and do several different scans before and sometimes after I use the internet. Sounds compulsive, but it has kept my computer clean.

Well recently one of my scans revealed something that kind of got me on a preserve my computer mode. I have been on it now since Thursday or Friday. Finally when I couldn’t get clean up, I went over to Major Geeks forum. If you have ever used Major Geeks, these guys and gals will look at reports of scans run on your computer and give you ways to fix your problems.

They saved my behind more than once. Good people.

So anyway I might have gotten a false positive. Or I might have problems with my virus scanner. I am using a commercial bloatware. I decided that when the subscription ran out that I would change to a different scanner– maybe Avast or AVG. I may have to do this earlier.

I am getting tired of the viruses, trojans, rootkits, adware, and general maliciousness that is floating on the internet. I guess I am naive. I have used the internet since the early 80s when I could go to the State Library and get references that provided information for writing papers. I was excited when the internet was opened to us for fun and profit. I am not happy with the illegal profiteers.

On the other hand, government intervention is abhorrent. So instead of continuing to complain, I load up on programs to augment the security holes and hope that my information doesn’t get stolen. If I find something that doesn’t look right, I kill it or get help killing it. I am not afraid to scream “spider” when I need something killed.

So hopefully, I’ll be clean and green soon.


2 thoughts on “Hectic, crazy, and why I am not writing

    • Oh yea– just another thing that stops my writing. I finished a short story I wrote for the Baen contest. I am pretty sure that it won’t win 🙂 I just don’t win too many awards. BUT when the contest is over, it means I have another story.

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