State of the Writer and other myths

In our unmythical world that is ruled by logic and common sense (you should hear me snickering while I wrote that phrase), I need a little fantasy to give me the escape that other people get from booze. Seriously, I haven’t had a drink in over ten years. No, I am not a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol especially in quantities does interfere with my medications. So I have to face this world sober. Thankfully it is not the world of my far ancestors. However, when I turn on the TV I am so astounded by some of the actions and opinions that I immediately turn the TV off. I can see why it is hard for a lot of people to be dead sober with all of THAT, including the electronics. Our brains are not wired for constant stimulation.

That’s why I am a reader first and a writer second.

So this writer lately has been reading Pam Uphoff’s sci-fi/fantasy series Wine of the Gods. It starts with Outcasts of the Gods, where a group of children have been genetically altered so that they have certain diseases fixed in their genes. The more extreme of those genetic manipulations causes some of these youngsters to be able to do “magic” as in open dimensional gates. So far I have enjoyed every story she has up on Amazon. So if you like sci-fi and magic combination, and if you like good writing, go read her work. It is worth the price.

As a writer, I finished writing a story for the Baen contest. It is under 5,000 words about an older woman and crafts. Yes, it is a fantasy. But, it was a lot of fun to write. I am getting better at using the five senses in my writings.

I hit a snag with Hilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes. I will have to pull it apart and add more at the end.

My vanilla cozy mystery is a third of the way written. I am doing a novella so about 30,000 words more or less.

Also in July, I will probably use the services of Camp NaNoWriMo to work on “Dark Moon Rising,” the second book in the EJ series. It has taken me a long time to write this book. Plus it is the first time I have done a sequel. I started it a year ago or so (more than a year) and am about 15,000 words into it. This one should reach 50,000 or more.

I will continue to writing in the GKTC (Green Knight Terraforming Company) world. I want to get five stories together and put them up as a collection. I have one written already and up at Amazon and other places.

For amusement I cross-stitch and watch Supernatural on Netflix. This particular piece is a Japanese style raven with a Katana. Every stitch is a different color. It has taken me a year to get a third of the project done. It gives me a break from writing and uses my fingers more than my mind.

So the state of mind of the writer is the same. I am annoyed, despairing, and jubilant by turns and sometimes all at once. My health is okay right now except for the pollen allergies.

I was reading an essay recently about why writers write– fun or profit. Well, I am compelled to write. Sometimes it is a good feeling and sometimes it really feels like I am a slave to the words. If you know me at all, you would find out early that I am a freedom freak. So even being a slave to words can be a tight collar for this writer.

I don’t write to say that I write. I am past that little milestone. I am not even embarrassed to write– although it can get embarrassing when someone thinks a writer is a genius. I do feel that since I am compelled to put words to paper or in this case to the digital emptiness that I would eventually like to make enough cash to pay for meds and sometimes the rent. It is less a matter of money and more a matter of freedom.

I write, therefore I am.

2 thoughts on “State of the Writer and other myths

  1. My dad takes medications, so he never even started drinking. I’ve sampled enough from wine to whiskey to have decided I don’t like the taste of any of it.

    • I took my first drink in my late twenties. I found I liked rum and wine. That is about it. I don’t like the buzz, but I do like the taste so even before my meds I was a very light drinker.

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