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billy the kid dissolveWhen I finished She Called It, Wolf, I should have (shoulda, woulda, coulda) started Dark Moon Rising, but I was a little burned out on the world. So when Billy jumped into my head, he was running through town totally naked with a herd of goats, I had to write his story with Betsy.

Yes, this novella is written in EJ’s world, a small town in Felony Flats, Nevada. Still I had a lot of fun writing this story.

Description: Betsy was the were-wolf pack’s legal representation. Her life was pretty boring and man-free until Billy trotted into her life. He was a shifter and he was ready to join the pack. There is only one problem Billy is a goat.

EJ Hunter and her mate Adam help Billy gain Betsy’s trust and when she is kidnapped, Billy is there to be her hero.



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Betsy gazed out the window of her law office adjacent to the Sheriff’s office when she saw a nude man jogging down the main road towards the small community center and grocery store. The bright desert sun glinted off the highlights in his dark blonde hair; his arms, legs, and chest had well-defined muscles; and when he jogged by, she could see his butt-cheeks flex and bend. Grains of sand puffed under his feet.

“No way,” she said as she started on her paperwork. “I must be dreaming.” She sighed, “It has been too long.” She was the pack’s attorney and the last time she had been out with a man was in college before law school. It was not that she was a feminist. She didn’t hate men or the male body. She just didn’t have time for the care and feeding of a man.

Even so, her eyes drifted back to the window. Yes, she had not imagined it. There was a nude man standing near the door of the country store. It served as a grocery and department store in their small community. Thankfully you could find what you needed on the internet, if it wasn’t at the store.

The man looked uncertainly around him. His body had a light sheen of sweat mixed with the desert dirt. Then she saw what she had missed because her eyes were studying his body.

“Hell, no,” she said aloud as she observed a herd of goats jumping and running around the nude man. The Billy goat nudged the nude man towards the door. “Adam is going to shit his pants.”


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