Road to Mosel

I was watching bits of the news this morning and it felt like a deja vu moment. The year I was first diagnosed with the disease Wegener’s Granulomatosis in 2003 the US troops were marching into Baghdad. This time we are seeing the reverse.

I have tried to stay out of politics. I vote and allow others the privilege to vote without being nosy. Except lately– I am asking out loud and proud. Why did you vote for Pres. Obama? And, why did you vote for him for a second term?

I was half-mad with chemo and prednisone when he was elected. I could see with half my brain tied with chemo that he was a purveyor of Karl Marx’s doctrine. Single payer healthcare. Equal Outcomes. Tax anyone who has a dissenting opinion. Sick the IRS and other government agents on opponents. It was like I am now living in the pre-Cambodia days when Pol Pot was consolidating his power.

The outcome I am seeing from this direction is scary. I have the brain that extrapolates data and shows me outcomes of that data. The data is not encouraging when Wall Street and the media are proclaiming a stable economy and on the local level, people can’t find jobs and therefore can’t buy products–well, do I have to give you the conclusion?

Also I am suspicious of the low inflation when I look at the gas prices and see that they are a dollar higher than when the former President was in power. Plus when food prices have risen 40 percent in the last four years. That doesn’t look stable to me.

Then it comes down to the personal level. My insurance and premiums have doubled. My husband’s medical insurance has doubled as well and he was saddled with two insurances. Plus we have shelled out all that money and neither insurance will pay a cent.

Food is twice the price. Electricity and gas for heating has doubled even though our State has a high percentage of the power in renewable resources. (maybe that is why the gas and electricity are more expensive)

And the list goes on–

Lastly, ebooks aren’t selling. The disposable income is decreasing and others beside myself are using that money for food storage or other ways to stay stable. I can’t blame them, except it cuts into my medication money.

On the bright side, I found Sherlock on Netflix. The writers and actors used a lot of the original dialog and stories in the vast library of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They set this in modern London with cell phones, texting, and cameras. It was amazing how people and attitudes haven’t changed that much.

We still want food, water, and shelter. We still want emotional warmth. We still want to protect our families and friends. Even though I see the outcome coming rapidly, I have hope… in us.

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