Two days into Camp Nano

So I started “Dark Moon Rising” a couple years ago after I finished “She Called It, Wolf.” I am doing some editing towards grounding the characters into their surroundings by using the five senses. It was an obvious tip I received from one of my classes with Dean W. Smith. If you want some good grounding in writing stories. He is the best for that type of instruction.

I noticed as I was editing the first 9,000 words that I like to use “he knew, she realized”, and other filler words. Also, I was talking to another writer who easily writes 85 to 100 thousand words. I don’t have that much in me for stories. My stories are 500 to 30,000 words (shorts and novellas). When I stretch to 50 or 60 thousand words, I find it hard. I know I shouldn’t have a problem if I use the try/fail cycle (another DWS tip). Plus as I am looking at the storyline, I am better now than when I first wrote the first story. Yeah! It is good to see some progress.

Now if I can write well enough for readers. I am improving. I hope to be a better writer before I die.

2 thoughts on “Two days into Camp Nano

    • Oh yea– but I realized that I wasn’t describing things– more action. Second hand knowledge can be used in story… but I was using it too much. It was interesting to see my mistakes of two years ago and think — wow– that is a mistake. 😉 I wouldn’t have seen it then.

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