Update – on the illness

So I won’t say much here except that we haven’t found out what is causing the extreme weight loss and muscle loss in the hubby. He is getting some tests done this week, but still feels worse than last week. I am worried, of course.

It is escape time for me. I usually read books like Kate Paulk’s Con series. If you haven’t read it, you should. It is about a snarky vampire who is a sci-fi/ fantasy con-goer. It is a humorous glimpse into the con fans. Plus it is a rousing story. I have been asking her for another story in the series.

Also Pam Uphoff’s Wine of the God series is another bunch of escapist reading that makes me happy because even in the midst of the sex and violence, her characters show independence and grow as people. Just a hint, the sex in these books are enabled by an aphrodisiac wine that causes extreme lustiness. Even her sex scenes are humorous.

I am writing — or back to Dark Moon Rising. I was so consumed with getting the hubby to several doctors (three in the last week) that my writing has suffered. I am also revising Conjure Man so that I can get it up on D2D (Draft 2 Digital). It is similar to Smashwords, but their meatgrinder is easier to use.

My other stress relief has been working on a cross-stitch Japanese stylized raven with Katana. Every square has floss in it. I have been working on this piece for a year now. I do an inch square while watching some Netflix.

As for my illness, I have been extremely stressed so I keep taking my vitamins in hopes that I don’t flare. So far I am doing okay.

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