These last few days

raven crossstitch 6 2014These last few days have been extremely stressful. It feels like I am being sucker-punched over and over. So that is all I am going to say about this foray into medical other than I hope I can stay well as I help the hubby.

So when I am really stressed, I cross-stitch. My writing has taken a major hit–sorry– and I hope I’ll be able to concentrate enough to write something after Monday. The cross-stitch piece I have been working on– I think I have said it here– is a stylized Japanese raven with Katana. I am posting a picture that I took when it was half-way done. For my sins, it is hard to tell what it is, but every stitch is stitched which makes it more a tapestry than a normal cross-stitch pattern.

My hubby and I will have to make some hard decisions after Monday. Wish us luck, good thoughts, and if you pray– please keep praying for the hubby.

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