To be or not to be

We finally got a diagnosis for the hubby and it is cancer. He starts chemo this week.

I have no words to express the ups and downs my hubby and I have been going through the last few weeks.

As for my writing. I am editing some short stories I had written about Perry Doyle, black marketeer and adventurer a few years back. I added things and changed things around. Plus I lengthened a few of the stories. I will get this published in August. It is called “Perry Doyle’s Traveling Black Market.”

It is space opera so for the sci-fi fans. More story and less hardware, I’m afraid. Also, I am starting the process of getting more of my books on Kindle Unlimited. On August 2nd, “I’m a Flasher & Too” an ebook full of micro-fiction will be free. Please note that on your calender.

Thanks for the support.

6 thoughts on “To be or not to be

  1. So sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. Cancer is always such a tough diagnosis to get. I hope it’s one of the highly treatable ones. Both my parents are cancer survivors, and I wish the same for your husband.

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