Thanks for a Successful Bash

So I was looking at numbers and a few of you used KU and KOLL (lending library) to pick up a few of my books. Thank you very much.

The free promotion was a success as well. My two short stories, Urban Werewolf and Billy the Kid, reached #11 and #20 on the Top 100 Short Reads (1 hour) for Fantasy and Sci-fi list. The novel, She Called It, Wolf, jumped to around 3,000 in the ranking.

At this time, I have a new story called Norn’s Judgment that will be free at the end of this week. If personal things don’t get in the way, I will remind you guys of it. As for my writing, I am in the middle of a Green Knight Terraforming Story– about Tiny working in a call center. My other book that I am putting together is a cozy mystery, which will be around 30,000 words. I need to come up with a pen name for that one because it is a break from my genre.

I came up with a few names– Da Tune, Cee Tune, … if you can come up with a good name for a cozy mystery author, I would be grateful.

Thank you so much for making my Bash successful. May you live long and prosper– Vulcan salute

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