A Halloween Promotion Post

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Mad Genius Club

On this All Hallows Eve, what would be better than a promo post of some of the titles currently offered by the Mad Geniuses?

JoyJoy cometh with the mourning
Dave Freer

Reverend Joy Norton is a timid city girl, and she’s never been the primary priest in any parish. When her bishop sends her out to a remote back-country church, she doubts both her ability and her suitability. Those doubts grow when she hears of the mysterious death of her predecessor. But from the first encounter with her congregation — having her little car rescued from a muddy ditch, she finds herself deeply involved with her parishioners and touched by their qualities and eccentricities. Which makes it worse for her to think that one of the people she’s coming to care for murdered the previous priest…

(This is currently a pre-order and, from what I’ve heard, is a wonderful read…

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