Veteran’s day Pancake Breakfast

On Saturday a church near me held a Veteran’s day Pancake Breakfast for the veterans in the area. They had a nice flag ceremony and they also did a slide show to honor the veterans. I was surprised that my face was also there and my late-hubby’s face. I think I choked when I saw him. My brother had given one of the guys who put the slide show together some of his pictures.

It was a bitter-sweet occasion. I talked to a lady who said she regretted never going into the military. I told her my policy of “no regrets.” We make choices in our youth and young adulthood that make us the people we are today. If we like ourselves, we made the right choices. Every choice has an upside and downside. Also, if we don’t like ourselves then we find a way to change.

This attitude doesn’t make me wise. It does make me able to see a little farther into the future than others. So I need to look into my future which looks really brief right now. Plan for the next step of my life without the man who was my rudder. It is time to take control.

My health is not the best. I found out a few things that I suspected about my health last week, but no one had actually told me straight. I do like my new doctor. It does mean that I have to trust someone other than myself to tell me if I need to see my doctor.

I do have plans. At this time I want to thank my late-hubby for being my rudder during some very difficult times in my disease. Without him, I would have died. I have known this for many years and it was one of the things that really scared me when I realized that he was dying.

May he rest in peace. May I find happiness again. May I stay on course for the next part of my life.

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