Myrmidon Tears to Commemorate Veteran’s Day

Yes– they are gone, but not forgotten.

Cedar Writes

Written by a veteran in tribute to his fellow warriors, I’m proud to repost this poem on a day of remembrance. Never forget what they gave for us, the living and the dead.

Veterans cemetary The Silent Fallen

Myrmidon Tears

“Parade rest!”

At once, 600 pairs of boots stamp into the grass,

Palms crossing in the small of our backs.

7 months and 2 weeks after it started,

This is how we end the deployment.

“Murderous muscle-bound myrmidons!”

Two hours under the sun,

Performing a final act to honor a good man.

And though we’d rather leave

Discipline demands we stand,

As if performing the Birkenhead Drill.

“Jack-booted gun-toting thugs!”

The man’s name is stated,

His deeds recounted, and of him,

No foul word nor claim can be said.

A genuine truth this, for he was

In all regards a Christian gentleman.

“War criminals! Baby killers! Rapists!”

He was twenty-one that day

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