It’s a Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday – I enjoy ready Sarah A Hoyt’s novels.

According To Hoyt

Whom The Gods Love is Free for the next five days (I’m going to try to do the thing where I keep something free through the end of the year!)

Consider Hoyt for your Holiday Gifts!
Actually it’s a Christmas sale.  Yesterday I was so out of it that I went and changed the prices without putting in “for a limited time only” — though to be fair, it’s for Christmas, but all the same.

Witchfinder is on sale for 3.99!

Musketeer Mystery Series is on sale for 2.99 a piece!

So is Crawling between Heaven And Earth, a collection of 17 (I think) of my earliest published short stories.

So is Ill Met By Moonlight

And All Night Awake:

I forgot to set Any Man So Daring but it will be on a sale in a couple of hours.

The collection of the three books, the Magical Shakespeare Omnibus…

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