Past, Present, Future

We are jogging into the last few days before Christmas. I look outside my current bedroom window, and see my neighbor’s Christmas light. Across the street my other neighbor has blinking stars in the upstairs windows.

I enjoy the Christmas lights. I do notice that the neighbors turn off the lights after about an hour– I guess that means that the economy is still not as good as we hear on the news. I get sticker shock every time I pay my bills too.

A little secret – I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I don’t give presents or cards. I do listen to a little Christmas music and I will go to a Christmas Eve dinner, but by and large I haven’t celebrated Christmas since Panama.

My parents used to celebrate. They would have a tree cut on Thanksgiving. Then they would get it decorated in the next two or three days. The gifts would be piled up on the tree. My mother would sing Christmas carols for a business in town. On Christmas Eve we would gather around the baby grand piano and sing all the Christmas songs we could remember. There were a lot.

But, Christmas in my parents’ house always had a little drama. Either the house wasn’t clean enough or the dinner didn’t taste good enough. My mother would spend hours in her bedroom sulking. When it was time to perform, she was there in her Christmas best.

Writing Perchance to Dream todaySo for me I like having a quiet Christmas. My late-hubby and I would cook a ham and take a walk outside. We would look at our landlady’s decorations. She always had a cup of cider or chocolate for us.

He would joke about being the anti-Claus, who lived in the South pole and ate reindeer.

This is my first Christmas without him.

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