“So what do you do when the old man is gone?

We need more heroes in fiction– who get going when the going gets tough.

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-Do you want to be him?”

“I’ve come down from the upper class to mend your rotten ways.
My father was a man-of-power whom everyone obeyed.
So come on all you criminals! I’ve got to put you straight
just like I did with my old man twenty years too late.
Your bread and water’s going cold.
Your hair is too short and neat.
I’ll judge you all and make damn sure that no-one judges me.”
Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick, Part 1

Yes. I’ve been indulging in Tull again. The lyrics make me think, which is probably — on balance — a bad thing. It makes me naggy and irritable, as well as giving me ideas, many of which are probably bad things at least in someone’s view. Still, given Sarah’s excellent post on SF’s dahlings despising the working class the other day I thought the lines about coming…

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