The anniversary fast approaching

Out_house_useage_Another side of Otto– When this picture was taken we were taking his daughters around Carson City, Nevada to see the place. This old outhouse was next to a small museum.

I put this picture up to remind me that he had the Trickster side to him. Plus he loved to tell jokes–

When I was first dating him, he told me every blonde joke he could find. He went through some hard times, (foster child, Vietnam Vet to name a few), but he was able to think positive.

I have been talking to a few of his old friends and it reminded me of his irrepressible humor. I would prefer to laugh at his jokes than cry about his death. I am a gloomy type– (read some of my books and you’ll see) and he was the sun to my rain.

And for old times sake– an elephant joke:

Q: What do you call an elephant with a machine gun?
A: Sir.

And the anniversary fast approaching? We married on Feb 16, 1993.

5 thoughts on “The anniversary fast approaching

    • TY, I need to put together some of the stories that I have been hearing from friends. Even his revenge was funny and appropriate. He used to say, “What is the worst they can do to me? Shave my head and send me to Vietnam?”

      • Great idea. My brother-in-law was also with the marines in Nam. He has some pretty harrowing tales to tell and a scar on his left nipple to show how close that shave was. Those experiences tend to change a person.

    • Thanks William – yea, he knew 101 blonde jokes as well and loved to tell them to me. I will have to plan something for the 16th so that it is happier day– than it could be.

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