Time to write

The last month I moved into my new apartment and then started putting together the paperwork for my taxes. Needless to say, it was boring, and every time I looked at the money coming compared to the money going out, I get little heart palpitations. According to the EKG and to my doctors I have a perfectly good working heart.

Between talking to family members (they are actually reading my books) and looking at what I need to do with the rest of my old paperwork (shred it), I finally got it through my stubborn brick of a head that I need to write again.

I did write in November and December, but didn’t finish anything so I am write back where I was then. I have a mystery that needs to be finished, one fantasy, one contemporary fantasy, a sci-fi short, and so forth. If my late hubby was here, he would be asking me what I had finished lately.

So today, I will take a few hours to write. Then I’ll go through a bit more paperwork in the afternoon, since I write better in the morning than in the afternoon.

Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Time to write

    • Thanks – been working on that cozy mystery– novella… I am about two thirds of the way done… Been working on it for too long… just need to finish it.

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