Writing Rituals

This morning, I made coffee, walked the dog, and sat down in front of the computer for a facebook binge. Part of the problem that I have lately is that I escape into facebook and talk to other people who are writing or having problems. I use social networking instead of writing. I need to change that.

In my most productive writing period. I had a whiteboard with the name of the novel and the chapters. I would write down what came next etc, etc. Then I had my rituals to get me into the trance-like state that I called writing.

These were my writing rituals–

1. Have a cup of coffee where I could sip

2. Light a candle, preferably one with scent

3. Turn on some writing music

4. Do a ten minutes clean out my mind by writing. Usually using a pen and paper. I can complain and bellyache all I want. These pieces of paper can be shredded later.

5. I check over what I wrote last and then start writing. Usually by this time I can see, feel, smell, and sometimes taste the story.

6. After an hour, I would come back from the story and do something around the house.

7. Sometimes I would go back to the story, but other times I would do other jobs that were piling up.


It’s been hard to get back into a daily routine where my writing is concerned. I have had two appointments a week (including blood work, doctor’s appointments, X-rays, physical therapy, etc. etc) for a few months. They become distractions after awhile even though I need to stay well. They also interrupt my writing.

So time to go back to one day at a time and one step at a time.


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