Aftermath of DST

We sprang forward on Sunday for the continuing saga of DST or Daylight Savings Time. Seriously, if someone wanted to screw with our sleep schedules more, this is the perfect program to do that. I normally go to bed at 10 p.m. and wake at 7 a.m. I have had this sleep schedule for years. Even when I moved to South Africa or Panama and didn’t have a crazy work schedule, I would default to that sleep schedule.

I didn’t realize how tyrannical “spring forward, fall back” was until I lived in a country where it wasn’t used. It was then that I suspected that the whole reason for using DST was to keep us so sleep-deprived that we wouldn’t be interested in politics. I use the general term politics because the ideas have seeped into schools, churches, and our everyday institutions. Some of these ideas are being forced into our everyday shopping establishments – grocery stores and so forth.

I have gotten so sleep-deprived this cycle, that I wondered at 3 a.m. (which would have been 4 a.m. or was it 2 a.m.) whether DST was a first step to take over the world. The reasons for using DST are pretty much invalid now. And if you think DST is “for the children,” then you haven’t been listening. Sleep-deprivation causes mental and physical damage. Sleep-deprivation has been linked to gaining weight.

If I ever run for elected office (I was born outside the US although both parents are US citizens so it won’t be president), I will bring the matter of DST to the public and on the table. Let’s start with this anachronism. Let us get regular sleep so our brains can think clearly.


6 thoughts on “Aftermath of DST

  1. If both parents were citizens at the time of your birth you’d likely still qualify to run for President. All other positions wouldn’t matter.

    • They were – except I go through some serious mojo from the various departments every two-ten years about where I was born. I keep a passport handy for those types of questions because it is the ONLY document that clearly shows I am a citizen.

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