Monday, Monday Blues

First, I was in so much shock about Terry Pratchett’s death that I didn’t write a post to say how much I will miss his writings. I hope DEATH gave him the grand tour before sending him off to his paradise. Goodby Terry and good luck.

Now for Monday. My excuses for not writing has been connected to my medical and to Foxy’s medical. Foxy, my lovely black chihuahua mix, is at the doctor’s to get her teeth cleaned. She is also getting some bloodwork and a vaccine. Of course I am as nervous as if she was my own child. She is the creature who has pulled me along through some severe sadness due to the death of my husband. Of course my mind is going over what can happen to an eleven pound dog under anesthesia. Yep, I can picture myself in detail morning over her dead body. Sometimes a creative imagination is a curse.

For my health, I just got a call from the VA hospital. I now have an ENT who can resolve the cyst in my left sinus. I started a nasal rinse program a couple of days ago. It has helped with my sleep patterns. For several months, I have been waking up in the middle of the night gasping. I also show low-level infection in my blood. I might actually sleep properly again if we can resolve my sinus problems. Since I started the nasal rinses, I have slept like a log and haven’t gotten up in the night.

For my thyroid, I am still wondering how to get an endocrinologist for that problem. The doctors that my primary doctor wants me to see do not take my insurance. I have given her lists of some doctors, but it seems like I am not getting any satisfaction with that route. I might have to get my own doctor. Part of my problem is that once I do something, I expect the other side to do their part without nagging. Sadly, my expectations in this area have not been met.

Plus I need an endocrinologist who works with thyroid and NOT diabetes. This narrows the doctors who can see me.

My rheumatologist has made sure that I get my labs monthly, an X-ray, and now a CT scan. My nephrologist is happy that my kidneys are stable. She ordered an ultra-sound. I am waiting for the official results. (My disease has been centered around the kidneys).

My fatigue hits me about three in the afternoon every day and I sleep an hour or two. Foxy keeps me on my feet– and we walk about two times a day. So I do get some exercise.

As for writing, my muse is either sick or has left me high and dry. When I do write, it is less than 500 words. I will have to go back and add in more to make the writing less dry.

When I can’t write, I cross-stitch. I will have my raven cross-stitch, more like a tapestry, finished this week. When I do, I will put a picture up here. This particular cross-stitch has taken two years to complete. So I continue to create when I am not writing.

In April I will make an attempt to write daily for a Camp Nano project depending on what happens with my sinuses.

This is the State of this Writer, six months after the death of her husband.


Update: Just got a call from the Vet hospital. Foxy is losing five teeth today because they are loose. She will be on pain pills and antibiotics for awhile. Plus soft food. She is doing fine with the anesthetic and I will be picking her up this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Monday, Monday Blues

  1. I’m glad Foxy is going to be OK. I know how much a dog can keep us on the right track. I do hope you find a suitable endocrinologist. It seems we have to constantly be out own best advocates. It’s the same here in Canada.

      • The best endocrinologists who work with the thyroid here do not take my insurance… i.e. which is why I said it has gotten more expensive. If I get one of those, I will have to pay out of pocket… and my pockets are pretty lean right now.

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