Dancing with my Dog

0e711-takemypicture5b15dTo the tune of Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol) or whatever the du jour band who sings it now.

Dancing with my do-og

yea, yea, dancing with my do-og


Well there’s nothing to prove

and nothing to lose

Dancing with my do-og

So the little Foxy puts her paws up and jumps on her hind legs. I tap her front paws every once in awhile.  Doggy picture: IMG_0055 The little girl is half chihuahua and half something else–probably terrier. She likes to jump.

Dancing with my dog

*Warning: Don’t expect coherent thought for the next hour. Overloading on endorphins.


While she is jumping and mangling lyrics in the corner, the editor (evil split brain of the blog owner) has a book for you: erikatredd2dcover

Erika T Red, Amazon Kindle, 3.99

Description: In the time of myths, the gods were dying and being replaced with the Christian God. One god, the one who hung on the tree nine days, gathered his people together so that he could manifest into the world through their worship. He lasted a thousand years until his followers scattered to the four corners of the earth. Still he needed a new life. So he used all of his resources to find the last Sybil, prophetess of the Norse people.

In another world of freedom and independence, Erika has dreams of career and travel. She lives in a small city in the Northern Nevada desert, where she has spent her entire life. She feels constrained and suffocated there. Inside she feels she is doomed to wither and die in this small city. Fate called through a wolf and raven. At first she refused to answer. Still her destiny grabbed her by the throat for it could not be denied.

Someone had to travel to supernatural realms. Someone had to face a dying god. Someone had to fight the witch. As Erika is forced into adulthood, she finds that the old gods don’t play fair and that allies don’t give their help for free.


Dancing with my dog–


Good let’s leave the mad creator in the corner. We have the whip ready for more writing… Stay tuned.

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