Another couple of tales from Joe at the GKTC

Friends, readers, gentle alien beings–

I finally finished two stories in the GKTC (Green Knight Terraforming Company) world with Joe and Donald with a new friend, Ms. Frigg, that has Joe off-balance.

I dedicate these two stories to my late hubby, Otto Tune, who would have done many of the same things Joe does, but in the end always fixes the problem.

On the business side I am playing with preorder with Amazon. If you liked Joe before in the first story, then you’ll enjoy him again.


Release Date: September 15, 2015

Late Payment and If You Should Choose This Mission

“Most customers are extremely satisfied with the job The Green Knight Terraforming Company does to refurbish their planets. However, when there is a problem and a customer complains, then the human Joe called Tiny by his team is the person who is sent to solve the customer’s problems. Joe’s backup muscle, Donald, is there for those tiny problems like when Joe touches before he looks.

Joe, Donald, the lab animals, and pilot drones are a rollicking bunch of troubleshooters. One hundred percent guaranteed to fix any customer problem or if that doesn’t work– fix the customer.

Here are two new short stories in the Green Knight Terraforming Company universe.”


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