Who should we be worried about impressing?

This post captures my feelings. Part of my problems with the Hugos is that you weren’t considered a “TruFan” unless you went to cons. It was what brought my attention to the Hugos. So yes, I agree.

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No, this isn’t a Hugo post, not really. Although I will admit that the Hugos, and every other award, played a hand in its creation. Frankly, I first started thinking about it 10 days or so ago when I saw a story about a pro football player who had taken away his children’s participation trophies. I was one of those parents who didn’t go ballistic over what he did because I understood his reasoning. He wanted to make sure his kids understood that it wasn’t enough to just participate. That was important but the truly important thing was putting in the work, trying your best and making the sacrifices necessary. It wasn’t all about winning but about doing your best and understanding that you aren’t always going to win.

So I can see folks already starting to think, “yeah, yeah, another sour grapes Hugo post.” Sorry, but no. I never…

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