Inspiration and Hard Work

IMG_0115My dad used to say that art was 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent hard work. Since I have  a few talents that have helped me on my way, I disregarded him.

He wasn’t right that often, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. And in this he is right. It is easy to come up with ideas. Give me a silent room, a piece of paper, and I can come up with a number of them. The hard work is turning these ideas into poems, stories, or other art.

The discipline to sit down in front of the computer, ignore the seductive call of social media sites, and write on a blank screen takes discipline. In my case, I need to do it on a regular basis. Spurts of inspiration are nice actually. When I have a whole poem in my head, like Athena complete out of her father’s head, I am grateful for those moments. But, to do that, I have spent hours, days, and even years writing and juxtaposing ideas. Some of them creative and some of them from the mundane world.

If you think science is not creative, then you haven’t met the scientists that I know. When the creative brain is molded and structured, then chaos is ordered and art is formed. The creative brain is complete chaos. Chaos and order dance together to form a product. When either one of these forces are overbalanced than creativity is squashed. Can I tell you a secret? We are all creative. It shows from the moment we walk and talk. But we are not all creative in the same fields. Some art is in the writing and not the painting. Some art is in Science and not in formal Arts.

I fail spectacularly often.

I fail publicly.

Even though these little things I create are of my heart, I learned that they are imperfect, like me. Some of them can be improved. Some of them do not need to see the light of day. Most of them although deformed have some value.

So in this one thing, my dad was right. Hard work is the main component to my writing. Inspiration sits on my shoulder when I take the time to write.

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