Blank Page

So I wanted today to be a good writing day. I was able to sit down and pound out 1K. I get up every hour or two to stretch my legs, drink water for my kidneys, and clear my head.

When I went to sit down to start again, I went through the I don’t wanna stage. I felt dry of ideas. I got up and looked for things to do in the house. I have paperwork that needs to be filed and shredded. I felt the I don’t wanna in my bones.

Yesterday, I did a good housecleaning– washed the floors, cleared off the tables except in my work room, and washed the dishes– etc, etc. I felt like I accomplished something.

So I guess I need a recharge day. Eat lunch first. Go for a walk, maybe. Maybe I really need a nap. This morning my stomach just didn’t want food and now I am ravenous. Dang– that is probably the problem.

When I write, I sometimes forget what my body needs. And sometimes it needs movement, sometimes food, and sometimes it just needs some quiet time.


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    • Yes – I think that the times I am like this– I need to break away and do something different. Maybe read a book. Or just sit outside. The weather is getting ready for fall.

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