The Promo IS — Free Range Oyster

Some good books for the weekend–

According To Hoyt

*So, there is the promo post.  I might/probably will post again later, unless we can manage to go look at some houses we have bookmarked, in which case I won’t post till tomorrow.  IOW Keep checking this space.  Things are likely to happen.*

The Promo IS — Free Range Oyster

Joe Vasicek

Bringing Stella Home

Gaia Nova Book 1

The war has arrived at home. James McCoy, the youngest son of a starfaring merchanter family, never thought he would face an invasion. But when an undefeated enemy slags his homeworld and carries off his brother and sister, nothing in the universe will stop him from getting them back.

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. Hard times show the greatness in men, and those who give all are changed forever.

This book is rated T! according to the AO3 content rating system.

Currently free

Cyn Bagley

Hilda’s Inn for…

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