Batteries have been low for awhile

One of the problems I deal with daily is fatigue. Sometimes it is that tiredness I feel just after Foxy, my chihuahua/terrier mix, takes me for a brisk walk in the mornings. We do it for her bathroom breaks, but who am I kidding– if I don’t do that brisk walk in the morning, then I am stiff in every muscle and joint until it the air warms.

I’m also tired from eating and sometimes from just breathing. I have learned through trial and error, how long I can push myself before I have to actually sit down and vegetate. Sometimes it can be a couple of hours and other times I do something and have to sit down and stare blankly at the white walls.

So I thought that I could rush the writing on my next book. I have been finding that when I have appointment days, which means 30-45 minutes driving to and from the appointment, that I am so tired, I either nap or just stare at the TV. The dog knows when I get to that point because she cuddles up against me and her body warmth comforts me.

For some reason my appointments stack up in one week as well. Yesterday I was exhausted. I didn’t have the energy to talk much on Facebook. When that happens, you know I am NOT feeling well. Facebook is my greatest time waster.

I’ve told a few folks that I want to have “Dragon Boy” done (edited, published with a paperback book) by 2016. I will do my best. As for the rest, well I do have six other novels out (not in the same league as Hilda’s Inn– I was told from a reliable source, but are still good). Also some short stories and short story collections. And if you are really desperate, (insert smile here), I was a poet before I started writing short stories. So there are three collections of poetry online under my name.

As for me, I am in my back bedroom, tickling the keyboard, and hoping that my next story will sing, like my last one.

For more of my books, look here.

My most recent release is Hilda’s Inn. Hildaebookcover2015finished

Sword and Sorcery

Hilda isn’t prepared for the damage and chaos caused by a dragon, black mage, and elementals. And a very angry Lord Barton.

Percy DoyleA sci-fi short story collection for Pre-order:

Percy Doyle’s Space Market

Percy is a trader, a rescuer, a time traveler who works under the radar of the authorities. His backer is a so-called criminal organization called the family.

Percy may be a swashbuckler, but he doesn’t want Grandma, the matriarchal head, mad at him.

8 thoughts on “Batteries have been low for awhile

  1. I feel for you. I’m finding it very irritating to have to rest and eat at regular intervals. If I don’t I can lose a whole day recuperating. Oh and same for going to town, even for a quick trip, wiped out.

    On a happier note, I’m working my way through Ghostly as time permits. Truly heart-rending stories. It’s an emotional ringer. I might make it through to or three but have to stop and let them settle.

    Amazing work, really. Little Miss “I can zap you in four paragraphs.”

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