Holiday and the Starbucks(r) crisis

Just recently, I have been listening to the brouhaha about Starbucks(r) and their plain colored coffee cups. I want to inject a little sanity right now.

What the heck. Why are you interested in Christmas before Thanksgiving? It would make more sense to yell at Starbucks(r) for the Pumpkin Spice Latte (shudder) that they sold for Halloween than to get excited about Christmas coffee containers.

There I said it… Christmas. It is unnatural to even be thinking of lights and trees with presents all around until after Thanksgiving. Save it for Black Friday.

Heck I have more of a problem with their desire to use Italian for the cup sizes instead of being smart and saying small, medium, and large. So much for Starbucks(r) and the now plain red cups. At least the baristas aren’t forcing a dialog with me about the topic du jour.

When I do get a cuppa, I Veni, Vidi, Vici.

So let’s keep Christmas in December. My new motto.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday and the Starbucks(r) crisis

    • lol – I have family from Seattle and they swear by them… although one of my step-daughters swears by another coffee shop she found near her new home.

  1. I don’t like coffee, so I never go into any coffee shop, let alone Starbucks.

    I would personally prefer Christmas reminders (music, decorations, the lot) to start well into December (the 12 Days of Christmas song or Feliz Navidad piping over store speakers is my personal version of hell), but here the greeting card shops already get started in August.

    • Yea – they have overdone the “Twelve Days of Christmas”… used to be fun when I was a kid. And here… people are selling Christmas in July. I would prefer it would start near the beginning of December …. which is long enough for me.

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