Chicken Little isn’t squawking — yet

I couldn’t have said it better. Amanda is right. I like to read and my ebook buying is a luxury so I go for more bang for my buck.

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Oh that pesky little invention called an e-book is once more confounding the Big 5. You see, that wonderful digital product continues to confuse and confound them. Well, that and the buying public’s taste in books, determination of what the best price point is for an e-book, and related issues continue to  cause consternation in publishing circles. And indie writers are sitting back and smiling because it really isn’t that difficult to figure out.

You can blame our own Dr. Monkey for this post. Well, him and my frustration after considering buying the latest book in a series my mother enjoys and telling her it can wait until it is under not $12.99, not $10.99 but under $6.99. Either that or she can borrow it online from the library.

Whether the Big 5 wants to admit it or not, they are confused and, if they are smart, more than a…

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