Paris, terror attacks, and knitting

Last night, I was getting ready to do a little Facebook time when I caught the beginnings of the Paris terror attacks. It was reminiscent of our 9/11 attacks. In this new terror attack, young men without masks went to several venues, killed people, and then suicided. The attack was claimed by ISIS.

I hope this time we will actually support France instead of just giving them lip time. “I stand with Charlie Hepdo” is all nice, but this time action is required. I heard the French President’s call to action, I hope it is heard.

So far we haven’t had a major attack of this nature, designed to crush a nation’s spirit, since 9/11. But then, we may yet. We have been adding a lot of immigrants to our nation who won’t assimilate. Go back. Look at history. What happened to Rome? What happened to other nations who were overrun by masses of people.

France has closed its borders. One of the gunmen was a “supposed” refugee that came to Greece and then France. How many sleeper cells do we have in our own nation?

It may sound like a cold war novel in the making. I do remember the underlying fear in the entire nation that the Soviet Union would “push the button,” the fear that we would have a nuclear war that would kill entire swathes of population in both countries.

When the wall came down and when the Soviet Union broke into pieces that fear dissipated. Our children and grandchildren have never felt this fear.

So I am feeling the beginnings of this fear. My stress relief is knitting. Foxy, my little dog, can tell that it is for her because I am holding it against her and hoping I didn’t knit it too small. I should be writing. I really should. The unrest I feel in the bottoms of my feet is disrupting my thoughts.

Therefore I knit and hope that “Rome” doesn’t burn.

5 thoughts on “Paris, terror attacks, and knitting

  1. I agree, Cyn. Each of these episodes increases the sense of division we feel – the us and them. That can only lead to more trouble. I see so many who blame the victims, who say that they have no right to flee, that they ought to be fighting. Study recent history and we can see, over and over again, that violence only creates loss, division and more suspicion and hatred. The only ones who profit from it are those who advocate it, then sit back on their righteous thrones and watch the carnage while they amass more personal power. I fear for the futures of my children and grandchildren. When will we learn that if we scratch under the skin we are all the same – want the same things for our families, love the same way, and have the same hopes for a peaceful future.

  2. A photoblogger I follow from Birmingham Alabama is in Paris. She goes every year to get year’s worth of photos for her other blog, which is about Paris. She sent out a Facebook note on Friday saying she was safe, which was actually the first I’d heard of it.

    • I’m glad she was safe– I am sad that anyone would think that Jihad is perfectly acceptable. I’m also angry for the same reason. In the mix– one of my groups just lost a member to cancer. So that is mixed in there too (He was only 40.)

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