Black Friday and being sick

I picked up a cold or maybe something worse because it started with chills and then settled in my lungs for a few days. I was popping zinc, Vit C, and eventually I had to pull out the Mucinex and the Coricidin cold medicine. It meant that with the meds and the cold I was unable to think for a few days.

It was bad enough that I couldn’t knit even. I knew that I was getting better when a couple of days ago, I was able to settle down and read a book. So I am still coughing and croupy, but I am definitely on the backside of this one. I really dislike to go out during cold and flu season because with my immune system depressed, I find that I can pick up colds and viruses from other people. You only have to brush by me.

My late-hubby understood this problem so we pretty much holed up during the shopping season and only went out for breakfast early. That way we missed the Black Friday rush and other people running around. This is my second Christmas season without him.

So since I am not shopping– much– and I am still playing with a cold. I am offering my Black Friday short story collection to you:

Percy DoylePercy Doyle’s Traveling Space Market

Percy Doyle and his rust bucket travel to far-flung planets and galaxies, dealing with the National Association of Plants (NAP) and his own family corporation run by Grandma Doyle. Percy’s vocation is black market goods. However, sometimes Grandma Doyle, the matriarch of the family corporation, sends Percy on family missions.

This collection of very short fiction follows Percy on his misadventures through space.

It is also on Kindle Unlimited. Please enjoy this offering, while I get back to the second Hilda’s Inn story. Unfortunately because of this yucky fun (cuddling under warm blankets with a little dog to stay warm) I have not been able to continue writing. I can feel my mind kicking in again… so I will back to the computer board soon.

May you have a great holiday season.

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