I’ve been writing, and thinking, and writing

and thinking–

It seems that when I am in the middle of a story, I forget to blog. Lately I have been reading a lot of Norse mythology and even reading books on shamanism, magic, and religion. Yesterday I was going to write a little bit on what I was doing with Dragon Boy, the “work in progress” right now. Then I got caught in the difference between ritual magic, using formulas and motions, and informal magic–magic of the will.

It seems that the more magic is infused in being such as a dragon, the less formal magic is needed to affect a desired result. Yes, the title of my story is not false advertising.

So I have human mages who have elemental companions, but who need ritual magic to close portals (in Hilda’s Inn), which means they don’t do magic on the fly. They need amulets and formulas– and some training.

I have elementals and dragons, beings infused with magic. They see the human magic as clumsy in ineffective most of the time. I suspect that the elementals like humans because when the formal and informal is merged, there may be a greater magic involved. Primal even. Except the mage must have potential, studious nature, and sane.

I suspect that it is insanity that makes a mage go down a darker path– the difference between using dark and light magic is none– it is how it is used and what intention. Intentions in my stories are key to the character and also to the magic.

So I have had a lot to consider. I haven’t forgotten the readers– at least not intentionally. I am trying to make this story as good as I can in this point in my life.

The WIP is well on its way to the completion of the first draft. Then I will need to look the story over and make sure that it doesn’t have any holes and lost threads. At the same time, I need to make sure that I see the world in the eyes of the character.

I know it sounds insane. I find that when I follow the character instead of forcing the character into a role, that I am surprised and pleased at the result. It works for me. I know that it doesn’t work for all writers.

I am writing, and thinking, and writing, and thinking–

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