Unexpected Surprises

Joshua Tree, Boulder City, NV 1/29/2016

Joshua Tree, Boulder City, NV 1/29/2016

There is a small park just behind the post office in Boulder City, NV that is on the side of the hill. Since I was feeling a little restless, I put Foxy in her seat belt harness so that we could drive there.

In my twenties I would have walked to that park. It is a slice of green in an otherwise desert world.

So much to my surprise, I found an old Joshua tree in a small strip of land across from the park. It is bordered by three streets and houses. What makes this such a surprise is that it had to have been there for a very long time. In Nevada a resident is not allowed to move or transplant these trees.

The last time I saw a Joshua tree growing in a residential area was the small town of Goldfield, NV. The tree was right next to an old shanty. It was in much better shape than this tree.

I felt a kinship with this tree. I was also living in a small city and feeling the need to go somewhere else that wasn’t all houses. Boulder City is not necessarily a huge community, but it is outside of Las Vegas.

Since this tree can lay down roots and survive since 1931, maybe I can survive here, too.



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