Between the health issues

So if you have been on Facebook with me, you know that I have had a very sick little dog. This is the second time (a year apart) that she has had pancreatitis. This time I was very careful with her food choices. Next week I will be taking her to the vet so that we can talk about some treatment plans and labs for her. I would rather know that she is heading for an attack and do some preventive medication than to get surprised again.

It seems that we won’t be using peanut butter anymore to get those crushed pills down her throat. But that will be part of the treatment plan.

For me I am still working with asthma. I have found that if I forget my allergy pills and inhaler in the evening, I will wake up startled with my sinuses closed. I have a sleep study for next week as well. So again I have been shuttling between the dog’s doctor and my doctors. It is interesting that my doctors are worried about my hearing and balance. It turns out that my inner ear and assorted bits and pieces in my head are working fine. There is possibly a disconnect between my brain and my body– I could have told them that.

So near the end of the month, they will put me on a harness and have wild ride, while I try to walk on changing terrain– apparently it’s supposed to be fun. This could lead to more physical therapy– which doesn’t bother me much. I like physical therapy. Call me strange.

Most of this stuff is interfering with my writing– of course. To compensate in a creative way, I have been playing with my food– i.e. making new meals. It seems that I feel better when I change my diet to low carb, low protein, and higher fat. I used to feel nausea in the morning– now I don’t. Food is powerful medicine.

Also been experimenting with baking soda and Epsom salts for cleaning, since the asthma reared its ugly head. Also vinegar-water mix for windows. A quick hint. If the baking soda won’t pick up from the tile or linoleum, then pour vinegar on it. This causes a chemical reaction that makes the baking soda foam, which makes it easier to clean up.

I have done some editing again. I went back to re-edit, what I had edited. Sadly, it needed it. Also I am into the third story in the series– Hilda has to answer to the king’s mage service for being an “unlicensed sorceress.” Davi is keeping his heritage under wraps. Rooso– well he is a rogue.

Don’t be surprised if I break out in cross-stitch or even sewing. I have had a craving to sew lately. Just need a machine.

Summer days– ays–

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