Tick tock – Tick tock

IMG_0055 Foxy has decided that part of her daily duties is to wake me when the first light shines through the window shades. She climbs onto the middle of my chest and flaps those long ears of hers. My first instinct when I hear her flapping her ears is to duck. She sounds like a small bird ready to dive-bomb me.

Of course when she sees me duck, she lies her whole body across my neck and licks my ears and cheek. I am fully awake then. But by this time she has pinned me to the bed and I can’t move.

Since she began to feel better, (Foxy had pancreatitis), this morning greeting has become a regular occurrence.  It takes a little coaxing to get her off my chest so I can sit up. Once I am sitting the antics stop and she waits patiently for me to put on clothes and shoes. She knows that as soon as I am dressed we will go for our morning walk.

Yes, I am usually half asleep during the first half of the walk. She bounces down the sidewalk with her tail waving back and forth. This morning as soon as the other dogs barked at her, her tail went up.

Living with a dog has been an adventure. She gets me up in the morning and she makes me exercise. Before Foxy I would procrastinate my walks. With my four conditions, it is amazing that I can walk in the first place. Sometimes when I get up out of bed, I am stiff for several minutes. I roll back and forth from foot to foot with a hand balancing me against the wall. The walks with Foxy have increased my balance and my strength.

I have not always been like this. I used to walk two to three miles every other day, plus lift weights, and on the weekends I would hike to castles with my late-hubby. In my twenties I was involved in Tae Kwon Do. My body still remembers how to protect me. I used to run– I was never a sprinter when I was in school. I am the one that continues running long distances. I haven’t been able to do that since I became ill and had to take chemo.

So my body misses these things. I have had dreams where I ran for long distances. My heart would pump, I would breath evenly, and I would feel the high after the first mile or two. I have dreamed that I used my training to fight dream monsters who feed on the unsuspecting. I have dreamed that my body and spirit never tired as I protected those around me. In those dreams, Foxy in a much larger dog form is with me, fighting monsters with teeth and claw as I use a long sword.

Recently I listened to an Art Bell program on You-tube with a couple of doctors who work with people who have nightmares and night terrors. It was interesting because I have had night terrors and nightmares since I was three years old. Normally children quit having night terrors when they become fully immersed in this reality. I never quit.

I still wake up with my heart pounding and nasty sweat on my body. I still wake up and listen for what is out there. Foxy turns over and huffs which calms me down.

These doctors believe that when we sleep and dream that we go to other dimensions. Some of us are just better at describing and remembering what we experience there. It does have a ring of truth to me– although there may be more to it or less. I don’t know.

I do know that I get my stories from somewhere. That in my dreams I am a hunter, fighter, and warrior depending on what I need to do. Foxy is by my side in her spirit form. She is magnificent.


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