Life, Universe, and my two cents

I could talk about a group of people who are determined to burn down the United States, but I won’t. If you stop and think for a minute it would be obvious that it is a massive temper tantrum and I don’t acknowledge such things–even when it is a toddler.

I could talk about religion, but I won’t. I am not an atheist, but I do have different beliefs that put me at odds with a lot of different religious systems. If you need traditional religion and the communal support it provides, I wish you well.

I could talk about books and how the traditional publishers are burning down their establishments by overpricing ebooks and making their authors write to themes like Nazis, fascism, and socialism, but I won’t. There are others who write better and more eloquently about these topics.

One thing I do know about is health. I know that Obamacare has made it much harder for me to see my doctor. It has made it much harder to get help when my body decides to collapse. Many days I feel like I am rushing towards a goal and then hit an invisible wall that punches back. The Affordable Care Act, informally known as Obamacare, has made it impossible for an individual to pick the health care they need.

For instance I have looked for an endocrinologist for two years who could look at the goiter in my neck. The four thyroid hormones have looked good, but the thyroid showed multi-nodules on the sonogram. Whenever I have talked to a specialty doctor about taking my care they either wanted a recommendation from my primary care doctor or they would not take my insurance. There are only two or three doctors in the valley who specialize in thyroid related diseases. I can’t get any of them to look at my case because they can’t even take cash– if they did they would be in violation of Obamacare.

So my illness the last week when I couldn’t keep anything down and I finally got to the point of only drinking liquids, could be a thyroid problem except no one will look at it. Not even after I have talked to multiple doctors–VA primary care, ENTs, anyone who would send me to an endocrinologist. No One.

Instead I am supposed to collect my own poop to see if I have parasites.

Why? Because the doctors have to check these little boxes on their computer monitors so that they will be in compliance with Obamacare.

This is the reason why I want to see Obamacare repealed. I want to see a better system of course, but not at the expense of the patient. Since I am on the front line of health, because of a chronic illness, I see what works. Mostly Obamacare doesn’t work. When I had a suspicious breast sonogram, I was denied a CT scan. Why? The expense.

But they would be willing to give me birth control, even though I am a 55 year old menopausal woman. The irony is bitter.

So these are my reasons for hating this new system. Even though in theory I can pick my doctor through my plan, Obamacare says I can’t. So federally I can’t. So why aren’t those women screaming — “not my body!” at Obamacare?

On the other hand I am still alive, kicking, and writing.

The following is my most recent book:

So who or what is Davi Dracson?dragonboy2016

If you’re down on your luck, come to Hilda’s Inn for a game of dice and cheap ale. The hundred-year-stew has been stewing for a hundred years and the fire never burns out.

Except Hilda’s Inn is under new management, and Hilda is on the run with Davi, a dragonling. There will be dwarfs, ogres, dragons, and magical trinkets between Delhaven and Koenigstadt, the king’s city.

Don’t forget that the woods are not a safe place–the Draugr is lurking and
hungry. And, he has a taste for magic.

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    • Yea– It was a big hit this week when I couldn’t seem to get anyone interested in my explosive problems. Seriously my kidneys would have failed if I hadn’t figured out that drinking those protein drinks would slow down the decay. *sigh Still my stomach hurts.

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