So it is April 1st

I’m not a jokester.

My genes come from mostly Norway, Denmark and England where the skies are gloomy most of the year and where it is cold and the women are blue-eyed.

I’ve learned to laugh– but underneath the Northern temperament and the earnest attitude that was given to me by my ancestors, I find most jokes silly. I do have a weakness for puns.

The most I’ll do to you is say “your zipper is undone” and then say “made you look.”

I might even tell the punch line of a joke before the setup. I just don’t have the knack for telling jokes. So if you want a joke from me or a prank, look elsewhere. I am too busy writing.


6 thoughts on “So it is April 1st

  1. My genes are all from Germany, but then the Romans went through there with their legions, the Swedes and Slavs surged back and forth, so any purity of genes is guesswork without a DNA analysis. Yes, there are blue eyes, fair skin, and blondes, but also dark eyes and black hair in my ancestry. One side was not demonstrative, but did tell jokes, the other side was loud, boisterous, prone to hugging and telling and pulling jokes. I really don’t do jokes, but my English, Welsh, and Cherokee Indian descent husband was a very punny man. I always groaned at the appropriate time. You do tell a good story! Tweeted.

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