Writing and anemia

digitalbrain.png I just read this article Anemia May Affect The Brain. No shit, Sherlock. Of course, if the red blood cells are low due to iron deficiency, medications, or other problems then of course the brain won’t work properly. The brain gets needed oxygen and fat from the blood.

The reason I am researching anemia is because the doctor finally named the reason I am feeling brain fog and fatigue. My hemoglobin seems to be in the low normal range, but my iron levels are deficient. She keeps asking me if I am bleeding internally. It can be extremely embarrassing to talk about the color of urine and fecal matter. It doesn’t point to internal bleeding. It does point to malabsorption.

Another article Linking Thyroid Problems, Anemia, Fatigue, and Loss of Cognitive Ability has convinced me that I need to get checked for iodine and selenium deficiencies as well.

I did feel better for about a week after I started to heal from the thyroid surgery. Then the boom lowered and I was back to fatigue. I know I am meandering a little. So my excuse for not writing this last week is because I am fatigued. The reason I am fatigued is because of anemia. The reason I have problems with thinking is once again caused by anemia.

I started iron pills this week. I’m hoping to see a difference in my cognitive abilities soon.

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    • Thank you– I’ve been eating spinach and liverwurst for a long time now. So this may be something more serious. Thank you for the list.

  1. Yes, it can bother people. My brain fog (years ago) was from the thyroid not functioning as my iron levels were high for a woman. That made me wonder if a great many women had a lower iron level than they should. I hope the regime is successful!

  2. I had a really hideous 6 months before my ob/gyn tested and ordered me on to an iron habit.

    The symptoms were basically exactly what folks complain about for “normal” pregnancies…so…yea…..

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