When you stare into the void

Nasa void Sounds pretentious, right?

After the hospital stay, I re-evaluated my eating habits. I found some cookbooks with kidney friendly recipes. What I did find was that there were a lot of contradictions going on. Some writers suggested dairy and some said dairy was a big no-no.

There were other inconsistencies. Some said to use nightshade plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants. I have been told to limit these vegetables because they were high in potassium.

I’ve been rubbing my forehead because after all of this research, I don’t think these “experts” really know what is good for someone with chronic kidney disease. I do know a few things about my my body. Even though I am on a low-protein diet, I do need protein to feel good enough to survive an entire day. Also nightshade vegetables give me “acid reflux.” I do enjoy my tomatoes. I could probably take them out of my diet if I could find a good substitute.

I discovered No-tomato sauce online. My objection is that it is made with beets. I can hardly stand the taste of beets. I can’t stand the smell of beets. It’s in the same category to my nose and taste buds as fecal matter. So that sauce is out. I did find that roasted red bell peppers are considered a good substitute for tomatoes in sauces.

I do like cream sauces. However, heavy cream, milk, and certain cheeses are out. I did find that ricotta cheese (considered a poor man’s cheese) can be used for creams. Even though I am on a low-dairy diet, ricotta cheese would be better than sour cream and heavy creams for my body.

After seeing the void again, I know that I have to cook more. I can’t depend on prepared food at the store. There is too much salt, too much HFCS, and too many preservatives. My kidneys cannot handle the poisons.

My personal void is kidney failure. I knew I was losing my kidneys when I was in the ICU recently. Thankfully the time-honored way of flushing the kidneys helped me this time. I can’t depend on medical intervention helping me again. The next time might be dialysis and the inevitable decline of the kidneys.

So what does it feel like when the kidneys go? When it starts there is pain in your entire body and every joint. After a while, the pain recedes and you feel like your body is stuffed with cotton. You can’t think or move. You drift. Something winks at you, and you know that you are going.

At this point I claw back to life.


10 thoughts on “When you stare into the void

  1. I think that much of the way to go depends on your individual sensitivities. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.I wish you could see my nutritionist. She would be able to test your individual food issues. She changed my life, and that of my family and many friends. I wonder if there is someone like her (she has a PHD in nutrition) anywhere near you. In my case I can eat tomatoes – but only organic ones. The pesticides they use make my whole body ache withing 2 hours of eating them, The organic ones don’t bother me at all.

    • I don’t know. So far the nutritionists that I have seen are with the VA. They just give me the basics… Basics never worked with me. 🙂 and One SIZE does not fit all.

      • Many people don’t understand the difference between true nutritionists and dietitians. Dieticians basically spout the ‘party line’ about eating well. The ones you saw were likely the latter. The VA would never hire specialists for that unless they had one as a specialist.

  2. Good luck in your search. Have you considered cranberries or cranberry juice? Perhaps St. Paul gave the best advice with his moderation in all things.

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